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Question from Maya

Hi Kori,

I am a huge fan of all your music, especially the new album , Mountaintops. My dad and I (I’m 12) have been to see you about 5 times. We’ve seen you at the Metro in Chicago, as well as Lincoln Hall there. We also saw you in Milwaukee at Turner Hall. I was wondering how you get the inspiration for your songs. All of them are great, and you do such a great job with all of it.


 We get inspiration from everything and everyone around us.  We love to explore-go see music and art, meet new people, hang with old friends too.  All of the stories we hear through doing those things inspires us.  You never know what’s going to trigger creativity so I say, keep on exploring. - Kori

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Question from Becki

Hello there! I’m head-over-heels in love with ‘Like U Crazy’ and
notice some exchange between you and Jason around 2:52 - 3:00. Even
though I’m not quite sure what’s happening, I turn it up every time
because it always puts a smile on my face. It seems like you say “not
here” and then there’s a quiet chuckle from Jason. Is there a story
behind that? Thanks!

- Becki

Sometimes while recording we have happy little mistakes or funny takes.  I was being very literal during a take saying (instructing) “not here” to Jason so that we came in together on our vocal.  He made a face or did some weird dance back at me and I laughed.  For some reason we liked it better with that still in the song-so we left it.  - Kori

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Question about Keys


I’m a huge fan of Mates of State and seen you guys a handful of times - most recently last week in Baltimore. Obviously, you play a bunch of organs, keyboards and synths. I’ve been playing keyboard for the last 15 years and I’m curious which one is your go-to, favorite piece of equipment? If you had to do a whole show with just ONE of them, what would it be? Thanks, and keep everything up. Already waiting for the other album!

- Jeff Waters

If I had to choose one keyboard, I’d have to go with my original organ-the Yamaha Electone YC 45D.  It’s not one we always bring on tour now because it has very specific sounds (i use 3 or 4 patches),  it’s heavy, and quirky.  It’s vintage, analog and it’s wires can come loose easily.  It’s hard to maintain.  However, it has everything I need-a phat bass, a good old electric piano sound and organ tones too.  I use three keyboards on tour now that basically cover what the organ did plus some killer new synth patches and the newer ones have an infinite amount of sounds  But that’s 3 keyboards, not one.  So, yah, the Electone.


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What’s your songwriting process? Do you write together or separate? -@jalish

We don’t always follow the same writing process, but for “Mountaintops” we purposely wanted to focus together for long periods of time.  Half of the songs were written at a practice space 30 minutes from our house- in a completely collaborative way.  We’d spend 5-6 hours a day for a couple months doing nothing but write together. (The rest were written in our basement, some separate and some apart). When we write alone the other person sort of serves as the editor and we contribute equally to the whole record. - Kori


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