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Thanks Chicago

We had a blast we West Fest and at the Empty Bottle

You guys are great.

Hello and Goodbye….

Band on the diaper run is leaving Babble.  I’m going to continue writing my blog on  I’m not sure I’ll keep the name “band on the diaper run” since technically, we said goodbye to diapers a couple years ago.  Our kids are older now.  That’s not to say we won’t have tour adventures to share.  That’s also not to say I won’t need advice from people who can relate..sometimes that’s the reason I write.  Sometimes there will be posts unrelated to kids-and I think many people who read this also enjoy the music side of things.

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65+ degrees=family of ninja warriors, front lawn picnics, bike-rides, outdoor concerts, fresh air…kids are literally skipping down the sidewalk right now.

Also, maybe this is obvious, but 4 yrs is too old for riding in an infant seat.  I forgot that June grew a lot through the fall and winter.  Rounding a corner  yesterday, we toppled over with her still strapped in.  Also, Mags’ early allergies are causing excema and headaches and  red-eyes again.  And the house organization I’ve been meaning to do will be put on the back burner as the garden is ready to be turned over and the mildew needs to be wiped off the swing-set and outside toys.

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Kids Concerts

Favorite kid concert memories:

1.  Performing a lip sync of “My Girl” on the Fourth of July to 3 sets of parents and getting one of the dads to make a surprise appearance in drag as “the girl”.

2. Choreographing 10 kids in leotards when I was 10 years old to the song “Playing with the Queen of Hearts”

3.  Dressing my 5 year old sister up as Bruce Springsteen for “Born in the USA” while I got to be Madonna “Lucky Star” (which now looking back at pictures, I should have already been wearing a bra for, nice one.)

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Shocker: Van Tour is Easier w/o Toddlers

We just finished a short and sweet, East coast tour.  I’m happy to report that the shows were all super fun. And also this thrilling news:  There was very little complaining during the long van rides!  I can’t believe how well we all did- adults included-especially on the 10 hour drive from Durham to CT.

It might be because we actually liked downsizing from bus to van for a change.  There’s something kind of peaceful and yes, romantic about road trips.  Staring out the window endlessly with music you haven’t had a chance to really listen to in a while, thoughts you didn’t have time to explore in your busy daily routine, conversations you normally wouldn’t have unless you were stuck in a moving vehicle for hours on end…etc

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Caffeine is all you need

I can’t live without it.  I went until 12:55 today and couldn’t see straight.  I went grocery shopping at 10pm last night (favorite time to get groceries)  and the checkout guy was talking about how he hasn’t had caffeine in a year.  So, I tried this morning.  Nope.

Plus Jason showed me this video of Fugazi champion Ian McCaye and I laughed so hard I almost puked my espresso up…..

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Oops, we listen to top 40

Have I gotten my daughters into bad music?  And if so, do I need to show them one escape route now or just let them find their own way later on?  They like a couple songs airing on NickTeen (my kids are not even close to teen..bad mom?).  I thought we could bond over a couple catchy songs.   I’d be supermom for noticing what songs they heard on tv and finding them on my itunes and then surprise!! now they are in the car!

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Sidetracked/Tracking on the side

When I’m about two weeks deep into a tour, I always come to this realization that I’m inspired…and that I am just wasting my time traveling-when I could be home writing music.  Then we get home and I realize really important things like:  I never put shades up in the girls’ shared bedroom (and that’s why they get up at the crack of dawn),  we might have a mold problem in the bathroom upstairs that I have to research on the internet or I just remembered that I get to throw a 4 year old princess birthday party this weekend (probably the very last pink, sparkly event in our family since they DO outgrow the cinderella fascination…

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look who we ran into at fun fun fun fest

look who we ran into at fun fun fun fest

Our Daily Grind, Playgrounds, Letterman and how I said no to Mom Guilt.

Lots of people ask what our day is like on tour with kids.  I’ve narrowed it down in about two hours of blogging:

Wake up at 5am when June sticks her head under my curtain and whispers “I wanna sleep in your bunk.”  I lift her in and we sleep until about 7am when she has to pee.  Side story-The other day she pooped on the bus at 6:30 am (no solids allowed on bus toilet) so I literally bagged it and ran across a sunrise-drenched hotel parking lot in my jammies and bare feet to dump the bag.  June watched and cheered from the bus window. ….

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